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Welcome to unsung.  This page is dedicated to support our radio show about people that help in the background of our lives.  We focus on emergency services workers including fire, EMS, police, SAR, and others.

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Below  is our promo and the two episode we did on Pet Chat.

First interview about Search & Rescue
Second interview about Search & Rescue


My monologues 

Kim Kelly of NASAR, etc.

Timothy Wallace of SARCNJ

Steve Cardell, formerly of DCNR

Chief Albert Divalentino of Jenkintown PD

Steve Couchara, former SAR

James Villarreal, Educator

Timothy Wallace, Asst. Chief of GPSAR

James Villereal 2, Educator

Rich Hough, Police Officer / Medic

Ken Hellendall, Cheltenham EMS and more 

Mark Hopkins, My monologue about what happens when someone goes missing.

Marc Leong, The voice that answers when you need help. 

Michelle Monzo, Dealing with stress of the people that help. 

Nancy Marcus Newman, Bridge Foundation Chair speaks about the substance abuse epidemic. 

Michelle Monzo, About Michelle and MCES.

Karl Bimuller, Retired newspaper editor. 

Michael Moonblatt, Fire Marshall

Kim Kelly, international SAR expert.

Topher Wurts, Autism expert

2/4/17 – Michelene McCloskey, Chester County animal response team

2/11/17 – Kelly Fernandez, sibling of missing man John Fernandez

2/18/17 – Jeanne Sorg, Mayor of Ambler. 

2/25/17 – Wes Fritz of General Insurance. 

3/4/17 – Kate Harper, PA State Representative. 

3/11/17 – DA Thomas Hogan, of Chester County PA. 

3/18/17 – Katie Kohler, Journalist and penguin enthusiast. 

3/25/17 – Larry Mendte, Local television personality.  

4/1/17 – David Chang, Digital content producer for local television.

4/8/15 – Judge Greg Scott, Youngest sitting Judge in Montgomery County.

4/15/17 – Officer Brian McCarthy, Schuylkill Township PD