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Below  is our promo and the two episodes we did on Pet Chat.

First interview about Search & Rescue
Second interview about Search & Rescue


8/27/16 – How the show got started

 9/3/16 – Kim Kelly of NASAR, etc.

 9/10/16 – Timothy Wallace of SARCNJ

 9/17/16 – Steve Cardell, formerly of DCNR

 9/24/16 – Albert Divalentino, Jenkintown PD Chief

 10/1/16 – Steve Couchara, former SAR

 10/8/16 – James Villarreal, Educator

 10/15/16 – Timothy Wallace, Asst. Chief of GPSAR

 10/22/16 – James Villereal 2, Educator

 10/29/16 – Rich Hough, Police Officer / Medic

11/5/16 – Ken Hellendall, Cheltenham EMS and more

11/12/16 – Mark Hopkins, What happens when someone goes missing.

11/19/16 – Marc Leong, The voice that answers when you need help.

11/26/16 – Michelle Monzo, Dealing with stress of the people that help.

12/3/16 – Nancy Marcus Newman, Bridge  Chair speaks about the substance abuse.

12/10/16 – Michelle Monzo, About Michelle and MCES.

12/17/16 – Karl Bimuller, Retired newspaper editor.

12/24/16 – Michael Hendricks, Detective

12/31/16 –  Jack Whelan, District Attorney

1/7/17 – Jason Bui, Educator

1/14/17 – Michael Moonblatt, Fire Marshall

1/21/17 – Kim Kelly, international SAR expert.

1/28/17 – Topher Wurts, Autism expert

2/4/17 – Michelene McCloskey, Chester County animal response team

2/11/17 – Kelly Fernandez, sibling of missing man John Fernandez

2/18/17 – Jeanne Sorg, Mayor of Ambler.

2/25/17 – Wes Fritz of General Insurance.

3/4/17 – Kate Harper, PA State Representative.

 3/11/17 – DA Thomas Hogan, of Chester County PA.

3/18/17 – Katie Kohler, Journalist and penguin enthusiast.

3/25/17 – Larry Mendte, Local television personality.

 4/1/17 – David Chang, Digital content producer for local television.

 4/8/15 – Judge Greg Scott, Youngest sitting Judge in Montgomery County.

4/15/17 – Officer Brian McCarthy, Schuylkill Township PD

4/22/17 – Toni Lee Sharpless – We talk with her mother Donna about Toni.

4/29/17 – Mike Altieri – lifelong civil servant.

5/6/17 – Ernie Covington – banker, developer, coach.

 5/13/17 – Thad Toole IV – former co-worked at the Bridge Foundation.

 5/20/17 – Jon and I discuss the mental health system.

 5/27/17 – Timothy Boyce of the Delco Emergency Operations Center.

 6/2/17 – Marie Wenzel talks about her career(s) in social services.

 6/9/17 – Dr. Marcie Macolino of Mt. Airy Pediatrics.

 6/16/17 – Ashley May discusses organizing a missing persons effort locally.

 6/23/17 – Ted McKee,  Former Chief Federal Justice for region 3.

 7/1/117 – Claudio Cerullo, anti bullying champion and school principal.

 7/8/17 – Mark G. Hopkins (Me) on volunteerism – from the vault!

 7/15/17 – Marissa Bluestein of the PA Innocence Project.

 7/22/17 – Mary Jo Daley, PA State Representative

 7/29/17 – James Bagnell, actor and spokesperson

 8/5/17 – Mark Talbot, Chief of Norristown PD

8/12/17 – Vicki Wooters of SAR Dogs of PA

8/19-17 – Anniversary monologue – A year ago I stepped into the studio with a shadow of a concept in mind. After producing 52 epiodes of original content I’m proud to say that my mission was accomplished. We got out a good product and positive message. I want to thank everyone that has helped and I can’t say how much I have enjoyed it. Now I step back and retool a bit and we’ll you’ll get the oppurtunity to hear some of my favorites.

The following shows are being rebroadcast due to popular demand and us needing some time off!.  

 8/26/17 – Our interview with Steve Cardell, Retired Ranger. Originally aired on 9/17/16.

9/2/17 – Our interiew with Kim Kelly about international Search and Rescue.  Originally aired on 1/21/17.

9/9/17 – Our interview with Chief Albert Divalentino of the Jenkintown PD.  Originally aired on 9/26/16.

 9/16/17 – Our interview with DA Jack Whelan of Delaware County.  Originally aired on 12/31/16.

9/23/17 – A repeat of our talk with Ashley May speaking about the efforts to find the missing Malvern mother, Anna Maciejewska.

And we’re back!

9/30/17 – Back with an interview from a longtime friend of the show…Melanie Brennan.

10/7/17 – Paul Leonard of Upper Dublin and Fort Washington Fire Company.  Great talk about the fire service.

10/14/17 – Bucks Detective, David Hanks talks about crime and his career.

 10/21/17 – Sal Giannone talk about his journey and his community.

 10/28/17 – Cecily Tynan of WPVI.  Legendary weather guru.

11/4/17 – Ed Goldman of the PMPA and the plight of people with mental disabilities.

11/11/17 – Gregg Gethard, Comedian

11/18/17 – Katie Kohler, Journalist – The Holidays.

11/25/17 – Gratitude monologue.

12/2/2017 – Larry Reese and I discuss the prison system.

12/9/2017 – Intuition and abilities and using them to help knees with Jessica Colletti.

12/16/2017 – We repeat our interview from earlier this year with Michael Moonblatt in honor of his life.

12/23/2017 – Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission’s Dick McMillen speaks about the good work they do and how you can help.

12/30/2017 – Captain Laura Hartshorn of Chester Township Police Department talks about her life and career.

1/6/2018 – Legendary Bill Baldini who did broadcast journalism with integrity for 43 years.

1/13/2018 – We discuss volunteerism and life with Bob Krandel.

1/20/2018 – Mike Altieri comes back to discuss the political process.

1/27/2018 – Beth Sturman educated us on the impact of domestic abuse.

2/3/2018 – We speak with the new mayor of Bridgeport, Mark Barbee.

2/10/2018 – Turnabout is fair play and Donna Saul does our show after we did her show.  2/17/2018 – Donna Saul again.

2/24/2018 – We talk Search and Rescue with Brian Winterstein.

3/3/2018 – Deborah Kelly talks about raising children in a modern world.

3/10/2018 – Sue Shannon discusses the work they do at HopeWorx to help the community.

3/17/2018 – Former DA Bruce Castor talks about an amazing career.

3/24/2018 – Repeat of Larry Mendte Interview.

3/31/2018 – We speak with Officer Joseph Peterson about addiction.

4/7/2018 – We speak with Renee Cunningham about suicide.

4/14/2018 – A monologue about missing person incidents and how to deal with it should it happen to you.

4/21/2018 – We speak with State Rep., Chris Rabb about public service.

4/28/18 – The interview with retired lead Forensic Investigator, Gene Suplee.

5/5/18 – Brandon Hudson from NBC10 talks about his career.

5/12/18 – Norristown Council President, Sonja Saunders

5/19/18 – Ken Beerger, Paramedic, Firefighter, Photographer.

5/26/18 – Tom Kohler talks about politics and life.

6/2/18 – Tony Lapp talks about the work they do at Menergy.

6/9/18 – Magenta Bell on working dogs.

6/16/18 – Repeat of the Renee Cunningham show.

6/23/18 – We discuss adoption with Nancy Halton Doyle

6/30/18 – We speak with Shea Rhodes on sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Give it a listen.

7/7/18 – We talk fire, volunteerism and public safety with Ft. Washington Fire Chief, Eric Clauson.

7/13/18 – Repeat of the interview with the great Ted McKee

7/21/18 – We talk with the local mechanic about cars and life. with Howard Pitkow

7/28/18 – We discuss domestic violence and the R.A.D.A.R. project with Leslie Holt

8/4/18-We talk about the value of history with Andrea MacDonald.

8-11-18 – We speak with the family of Anthony Capasso about his life and circumstances around is disappearance.

8-18-18 – We discuss the impact of hacking of all of us…starting with me!

8-25-18 –  We talk with Mike Hood about education, music and life.

9-1-18  – For our anniversary…we take a day off and repeat a show for your listening pleasure!

9-8-18 – We discuss the brotherhood of volunteerism and life with Steve Berlin.

9-15-18 – The Delco DA, Kat Copeland comes by to talk about the work they’re doing in Delco.

9-22-18 – Lt. Tim Troxel talks about law enforcement and his career.

9-27-18 – Johanna Leary talks about nursing and life.

10-6-18 – Volunteerism…just get out and help with soemthing!I have the talk…again.

10-13-18 – Forensics with Antioinette T. Campbell.

10-20-18 – Politics with Joe Gale.

10-27-18 – We speak with Mayor Bill Dennon about people and politics.

11-3-18 – We discuss decades of Search and Rescue with TJ Wallace.

11-10-18 – A rebroadcast of our episode with the legendary Bill Baldini.

11-17-18  – A rebroadcast of our gratitude episode.

11-24-18 – We talk about volunteering on the west coast with Mike Baliey.

12-1-18 – We speak with Marc Hoberman about a career of over 33 years in education.

12-8-18 – We talk about the CERT program and becoming a doctor with Robert Zucker.

12-15-18 – Genny O’Donnell discusses her career in serving the homeless in their time of need.

12-22-18 – We discuss his law enforcement with Chief Todd Bereda.

12-29-18 – Lynne Williams speaks with us about the changing face of career searches in a modern world.

1-5-19 – My tribute to Stan Lee.

1-12-19 – William Watson on the history of Duffy’s Cut

1-19-19 – We discuss missing persons with Sergio Cruel and his past career on Fox.

1-26-19 – We talk about politics and life with Carlton Staurt.

2-2-19 – We repeat our second interview wtih TJ Wallace

2-9-19 – We discuss suicide with Jordan Burnham.

2-16-19 – We discuss career and job hunting in this changing world with Lynne Williams.

2-23-19 – We discuss local politics and community with Beth Jacksier.

3-9-19 – We discuss the military and volunteering with Levi Blair.


3-16-19 – Nearing the anniversary we replay the episode on Anna M. who is STILL missing.

3-23-19 – I speak about jobs I’ve had throughout the years.

3-30-19 – I speak with Jill Turanski about Geoff Partridge.  

4-6-19 – We speak about careers and life with Steve Brielinger